What is Live Version Editing?

Live version editing allows users to make changes to their skills even after publishing. In the past, creators would have to modify their skill and resubmit it for review - which can be tedious if all they wanted to do was change the content of a speak block.

How Does Versioning Work?

When a user starts a project, they are working on the development (dev) version. At any point where the user decides to upload/publish their project, Voiceflow creates a 'snapshot' of their project. This 'snapshot' is stored as a version and contains all of the components of their project at that point in time.

Note: If you have the plus plan or above, you can restore your development (dev) version to a snapshot. 

With live version editing, we expose one version for editing - the live version. It behaves like any other version, with the exception that it can be changed and updated. 

A Quick Demonstration

Here we have a basic skill called "Sergey Brin Simulator" It has been published once and has a single version. 

Note: You can see the amount of versions you have by navigating to the 'Settings' tab and clicking on 'Backups'

I've now decided that speak blocks are boring and I want to add some displays to spruce it up.

Now we figure it's ready to face the world so we publish the skill. After some waiting Amazon gets back to us and our skill was accepted! So now if we look at our backups, we have two versions, one live and our first one.

Just like any other version, we can restore our development version of our project to the live version. 

Let's say I want to focus on a different aspect of Sergey Brin's career and want to branch based on his first job. Since I have a live version, the live mode toggle appears and changes my canvas to the live version.

Current Development Version:

Live Version:

In live mode, we can make changes to our skill. However, to avoid republishing complications, we cannot change the interaction model of our project. This means that certain things are disabled, like changing the intents of interaction blocks, dragging in new interaction blocks, etc. 

After making sufficient changes to my live version, I'm now ready to update my live version so I navigate to the top right of the editor and hit the "Update Live Version" button (replaces the "Upload to Alexa" button).

After a prompt, we'll get a confirmation modal letting us know that our project's been updated.

Congrats, we've done it! Now our published project's content has changed and we didn't have to resubmit our skill. Thanks for reading this article, if you have any questions feel free to make a post on our forum: https://forum.getvoiceflow.com/

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