Last updated January 20th, 2019

About Voiceflow Backups

  • Backups let you restore previous versions of your project
  • Each backup is made every time you hit 'Upload to Alexa'
  • When you revert your project to a backup, your current version of the project is reset unless it also has a version made of it (check the backups section)

How to Access Voiceflow Backups

1) Enter your VF Project

2) Navigate to the 'Settings' tab

3) Navigate to the 'Backups' tab within the 'Settings' tab

Backup Previews

Backup previews allow you preview the HOME flow of your project before backing up the entire project. This should make it easier to determine if this is the backup you are looking for.

Backup Restore

From here, if you choose to restore the project from a backup, your current version will be wiped and the project will be returned to the state of the backup you selected.

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