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  • What Intent blocks are and how they work
  • The applications of the Intent block

What Are Intent Blocks?

Intent blocks allow you to add shortcuts within your Alexa skill. With Intent blocks, a user can say an intent at any point within the skill (or outside the skill) and be brought to a defined point.

For example, you could add an intent for 'Home' which allows the user to always return to a home menu using the Intent block. Or, you could use a Intent Block to jump to a new place in an interactive story ⏤ the use cases are endless.

How Intent Blocks Work

Intent blocks only have one outbound port because they do not take an input to be activated. The Intent block is constantly listening for it's keyword or key phrase to activate the block. To setup an Intent block:

1. Place the Intent block where you want the jump to take place. 

2. Connect the Intent block to the place you want your jump to go once the user says the Intent.

Here, we renamed our Intent block to 'Jump to Start' and connected it to the start of our project. When this jump block is activated it will restart the project.

3. Create, or choose an intent to use with your Intent block
If you aren't already familiar with intents, you can review them here. Now, we are going to want to create or choose an intent that will activate our Intent block. I've gone ahead and created an intent for 'Start again'.

Now, we have selected the intent we want to use within this Intent block.

Done! Now, when the user activates the start_again intent anywhere within the Skill, they will jump back to the beginning of the skill.

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