Last updated March 9th, 2019

Part 1: What are Alexa skills?

Part 2: Learning about Voiceflow

Part 3: Building our first Alexa skill

Part 4: Testing skills on our own Alexa

Part 5: Using variables in our Alexa skill

Part 6: Introducing flows to our skill

Part 7: Adding logic to our Alexa skill

Part 8:  Adding randomness to our Alexa skill

Part 9: Adding slots and intents to our Alexa skills

Part 10: Adding Commands into our Alexa skills

Part 11: Using Google Sheets with our Alexa skills

Part 12: Introducing the Combine block

Part 13: Resume prompts & Session management

Part 14: Publishing your skill to the Alexa store

Part 15: Adding navigation with the Jump block

Part 16: Change the way Alexa speaks with SSML tags

Part 17: Add visuals to your skills with APL

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