Video tutorial

Technical difficulty: easy

With Voiceflow, launching your Alexa skill in several countries at once is now easy.

All you have to do is enter the regions & languages you would like to publish in on the publishing screen.

Too many regions means harder review
We've learnt from firsthand that submitting your skill to many different regions at once can be detrimental to your skill being approved. If your skill fails just one of the regions you submitted for, the skill will fail at all regions. We recommend launching in only a couple, getting your skill onto the store, and then gradually expanding.

Each region counts as its own skill
For Alexa skills, each region you submit in counts as its own skill. Meaning, your skills will not share reviews - only functionality. When promoting your skill which has many different languages, we recommend you post all of the links for your skill's supported regions.
If you want to build a popular skill, focus on building up one region to strength first.

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