Similar to the POST request tutorial, we're going to be updating an entity on an external code base in this tutorial. 

PUT requests are used for updating specific entities, where as POST requests are used for creating them.

We'll use our handy API endpoint from previous lessons. 

This time, we're going to update user #2 so our endpoint will reflect that.

Again we'll fill in our Headers with:

Key: Content-Type
Value: application/json

This is basically telling our endpoint that we are sending it JSON in our request. We don't need to worry too much about this.

Lets update the user we created in the POST request tutorial. Let's update our name back to Morpheus and lets update our job.

To see if this has updated successfully, lets update our variable to take in "response.job" and have Alexa say it in the speak block.

If we head to our test tool, we can see that our job attribute has updated successfully.

We can update our body again to return any other response as well. I'm going to update job to carpenter.

Now when we test it out...

And that's all there is to it! We've learned how to update specific entities on our external code base with a quick API Call.

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