Testing & Debugging overview:

When building skills, it can be easy to get lost in the complexity and feel stuck when something is not working. Luckily, our built in testing an debugging tool lets you find out what's wrong so you can get back to building and provide your users with the best experience possible.

Intro to the testing tool:

The test tool lets you see how your skill will work on your users devices. To access the test tool, hit the "Test button" along the top of your canvas.

Once inside the test tool, we're given several options. We'll keep it simple for now and choose "Start from the Beginning"

We can now go through our whole app and see where things might be going wrong. 

In the above example, it looks like our skill is having an issue when users ask for a pepperoni pizza. Lets take a look at our canvas to see what could be causing issues at this step.

Here we see that the option for pepperoni was never hooked up.

After fixing this issue, we can head back into our test tool.

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